Yes, I Can Teach…

Yes, I can!!  I’ve been involved with a local art cooperative, ArtForms Gallery LLC, in Pittsburg, Kansas for right at a year now.  If you haven’t been there, you really should check it out.  It’s located in downtown Pittsburg, 620 N Broadway, and it’s the “only game in town”.  I love being a member of this group.  It feels like I’ve stepped a bit out of my box because I’m dealing with a different group of primarily Kansas artists.  This shouldn’t be much of a stretch since I was in deed born and raised  and educated in Kansas.  Hey, I still remember January 29th as Kansas Day, ad astra per aspera (to the stars with difficulty) watching each of my girls perform in the traditional First Grade Kansas Day Play.

Oh, I digress….anyway, there are 18 members at the present who basically do it all.  We have four ladies who started it all and basically put their necks on the line.  There is a wide gambit of artists including potters, painters, glass and textile artists, and some pretty darn good metal and woodworkers plus some awesome jewelers.  It’s a great group that works well together.

So along with gallery sales, every artist is encouraged to have classes which are located in the back of the building. As of late, we are also using Sylvia Shirley’s Cow Creek Pottery studio conveniently located one block away from the gallery as well.  I’ll admit I was pretty scared the first time I did a class (we made birdhouses), but the people who attended were just there to have fun and end up with a bird house they could actually put in the their yard.  So  far I’ve added Trays (the Ornaments was cancelled), and Pitchers to my experience.  Next up, is a class on decorating Toad Houses.  That one is scheduled for May 21, 2017 at Cow Creek Pottery.

The thing I love about teaching others, is seeing what they can come up with and there are some pretty creative folks out there.  So with that being said, I’d like to include some photos for and about my workshops.

Here are a few pics of the classes itself…

So the first pics are obviously from the pitcher workshop and the last plus the tray itself is from the Tray workshop…that tray was made by my good painter friend, Andrew Batcheller…what a beauty that turned out to be.


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