More Mishima!

2016-04-11 20.11.57 2016-04-11 20.02.27 2016-04-11 20.10.59 2016-03-26 12.02.22 2016-03-26 11.58.29 2016-03-12 18.05.41 2016-03-05 12.03.57 2016-02-25 16.34.03 2016-03-12 18.06.43 2016-01-21 14.42.37 2016-02-25 16.34.03There may be some duplications in this post, but I want people to see in one place the different kinds of forms and patterns that I’m working with.  I’m really liking the patterns with a soft pastel color inside particularly with the tumblers and cups.  Getting more and more partial to the lime green, but I have a lovely soft pink that could be coming out more as the experiments continue.  Please note, the tray in some of the pictures…also, a new form that I just love, love, love.  They are thrown then stretched to these awesome free flowing forms that compliment the Mishima patterns so nicely.  Frankly, the more I do these the more I like them.  Hope the general public feels the same!

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