Current happenings

Sincerely, I just don’t seem to understand where the time goes.  I suppose it flies by so quickly because 1)  working full time, 2) trying to work out on a regular basis just to stay healthy, 3) spending time with my St Bernard and 4) creating pottery and on the side throw in a bit of water color…. gee, I wonder….oh and try to make time for my girls and family every now and again..

Oh well, that’s my life…busy.  And that is why, I’m constantly “behind” on posting on my web site…please, don’t give up on me.

At present, I’m working on making an entry for the Cone Box show…so little things.  And I’ve been commissioned to make a complete little tea set including a tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl, 4 little cups and a tray.  So, of course, I had to give this customer a choice making 6 different pots and all that goes with those….over kill?

2015-11-03 17.38.53 2015-10-22 18.36.14-1

And I’m playing around with using some decals on some of my work.

2015-10-28 08.32.20 2015-10-28 08.31.47 2015-09-23 21.14.44I actually posted those in reverse order…the greenware should have been the first pic, then how they ended up…

And then, here are a few more pics of recent work…

2015-11-04 08.20.25 2015-10-09 22.44.09 2015-10-03 08.56.11 2015-09-25 16.37.21 2015-09-25 16.35.58

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