Upon suggestion, I’m going to add pages that will be devoted to various forms of my work.  Certain pieces don’t tend to stay around very long, making it difficult to maintain the shop, so If people are interested in purchasing various pieces they can see them in their own separate pages.  This page will be devoted to various cups (duh, as if that wasn’t too obvious with the title).

Unless indicated otherwise, all cups go for $20.

Here are some types available.  If I don’t have them in stock, they can be reproduced with time.

2016-04-11 20.09.00


2015-05-13 16.17.23 2015-05-13 16.16.45D_Claiborne1These little guys are a bit more at $25…loads more work to do the mishima and hand painted details…I, personally, love the drips around the bottom.  Kind of an added bonus.  Plus, there is more detail inside and usually on the very underside.

2015-10-09 08.20.452016-02-11 17.49.42-1And these little guys are, also, $25 as with the above cups. I decided to try a variance of the pattern…sort of a tribute to Kansas Day with the sunflowers.

2013-12-22 13.31.09 2013-12-22 13.31.51Tumblers like these are just $18 – no handles.

2014-10-21 16.48.53An older version of mishima, most recently there will be lovely drips coming off the edges.  They will run $25, extra work and handles.  I must do some of those…

As I photograph more of my cups, I’ll update this page.  Cups are very difficult to keep current because they sell really quickly…