Mishima…and more

2015-12-30 09.12.34 2015-12-09 07.53.59 2015-12-30 09.11.56 2015-12-15 21.21.32-1So here is a little example of what I’ve been up to lately.  Finally, came up with the best clay body in combination with the glaze that I like. This particular glaze causes the blues in the underglazes to run which I really like.  It gives the work a more water color kind of look (which I really adore).  I do like the cherry blossom effect, but I think that I may experiment with other flowers, maybe sunflowers or mums.

I, also, have been stretching clay to make serving trays which are paired up with the mishima tea sets.  Stretching gives the clay so much movement…really fun to make as well.

With any luck one of the two little sets will be in the Cone Box show.  At least, they are entered.  Time will tell with that…keep your fingers crossed, I know I am.

The works in progress will be seen at this year’s NCECA’s conference at the Webster House in Kansas City.  That will be in connection with the Midwest Clay Artist’s show there….that whole show is going to be awesome.  Our members are really pulling out all the stoppers for this one.  More to come on that, too.

Now, I just want to let everyone know that if there is ever anything on my site that people are interested in purchasing, please let me know.  My cart is so out of date…maybe I can get it going again.

Something new!! So much fun, so little time!!

Today was an art kind of day. Demonstrated my clay art at a local gallery, Rose Gallery, for their open house of which I have proud to be included in their long list of artists.  Then I took a break in the middle to attend a class at Spiva Center for the Arts.  Learned a bit about fused glass art.  A quick insight into cutting glass and making a plate.  It was so much fun!!! Then back to the Rose Gallery to do more demos with clay.  I did manage to make quite a few ornaments and a few trays, a couple that were sectioned and one that I stretched.  All in a day off!!

2015-11-07 15.49.08Can’t wait to see it after it gets fired!!

Artists in Residence at KC’s Nelson-Atkins Museum

2015-07-25 10.26.53 2015-07-27 11.43.43If you have been reading past posts on my site or my blog (which I’m not so sure that there are that many of you doing just that), you know that I have some of my work for sale at the gift shop here at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO.  This has been  quite an honor for me since the Nelson is one of the top notch art museums in the area…maybe the best.  The staff has made me feel quite special by asking me to do basically a residency even though it was just for a few hours.  I am part of the “Artists is In” by demonstrating my art.  Couldn’t quite see hauling my wheel up to KC, but I managed to do some hand building.  It was fun to engage the little ones by having them play with my texture tools on a slab to make their own art.  One little guy showed me a new way to use one of my texture tools just by using the opposite end…which I have used in some of my work.

I was most pleased by the fact that of all the pieces that I brought for the museum to sell, there wer only three pieces left!  That means more for them to buy later!!  And I have been asked to demo again in December!!! Thanks to Kory and her staff!!!

3rd Place in JRAC show, “In Flight”

11745388_1126968923983714_486836542946533614_nSo here is yours truly in front of my entry into Joplin Regional Artists Coalition’s show, “In Flight”.  I won third in the 3D.  Thanks to JRAC and the MARC in Mount Vernon for providing the venue for the show.  For Joplin area artist’s, I’d strongly recommend joining this wonderful group. We have tons of shows and a lot of them actually have cash prizes.  It’s nice to get the recognition and network with a great bunch of talented folks!!

May 2015 firing

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  Time has a way of getting a way from me then I play catch up.  I’ve served away from the mishima for now until I can get more consistent “colors” from the clear glazes…it’s maddening, but I will return to it. So the past few months I’ve gone a little overboard making cups, tumblers, sushi trays and other serving trays.  So just add in a couple more showy pieces just for good measure.  I especially like the teapot.  I’m trying to get more natural curves on rims of bowls and cups.  But wow, I sure do like the combination of glazes that came out since January.  Gotta love the multiple sprayed glazes.

Booth pics

This is a pic of my booth at Joplin’s Taste of Home event.  Please, note the colorful cutting boards and coasters in the display.  I have those made from my original watercolor paintings.  They are a fun distraction and add a lot of color to the booth.

I hope this helps the viewer get more of a feel for what my work looks like as a whole versus just a single picture at a time.


2015-04-17 14.55.46So as you may or may not know, I belong to Midwest Clay Artists, a regional group of clay artists within a 100 mile radius of Joplin, MO.  We have sales twice a year at a local strip mall.  These sales are held prior to Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving.

I believe that this sale had 15 different artists participating.  The weather was glorious and  as always we have a great time just catching up.

These are two shots of my set up with me at the cash register above.  Have I ever mentioned that I by career choice am an accountant?  All my artist friends love that about me, so guess who usually handles the money?  Yep, you figured that out.

2015-05-03 19.14.31

I’ve had some distractions…here’s what I’ve been doing!

That is as opposed to my pottery.  I’ve always wanted to water color and with a lot of help from my good friend, Debbie Reed, and reading quite a few books…I’m developing my own style. I actually won third place at a local art contest, the Thomas Hart Benton Show in Neosho, MO.

I have work at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in KC!!!

I do have some big news. Looks like the Nelson-Atkins Museum Gift Shop will be selling some of my pottery during the Folk Art Exhibition that will run from the end of March through July of this year and possibly beyond that. They have actually picked out about 10 pieces to begin with and will BUY more as things sell. That is a really great thing about this whole process…they are out and out buying my work which is a lovely change from working on the commission basis where the artist just waits and hopes pieces will sell and then get paid.

The work has been delivered and the curator actually accepted some additional pieces!  

Here are a few pics of work that will be available the middle of March.