Will this ever end?

I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of this COVID19 crap. Please, you smart scientists out there, get a vaccine! We won’t be safe until then.

I’ve felt very cheated because of this stupid virus. You see, I have finally been blessed with a grandchild. I know, so what’s the big deal, right? Well, the deal is first of all she might be my only grandchild and the fact that she is here is a credit to modern medicine!! My daughter struggled to get pregnant. She had so many things against her. It’s a wonder she did in fact conceive. For over two years she was a quite active participant in London’s IVF program. I think it was on the 6th try that my little angel came into being. I consider her my little miracle.

So great she’s here, what am I belly aching about? They live in ENGLAND!! I was supposed to have an almost 6 week visit from them in April….not happening. To appease me at that time, my daughter suggested maybe a summer visit…again, not happening. This is the year for my visit at Christmas, I have serious doubts that will happen either. My precious baby girl will be a year old in October. We were hoping that I could at least go over there before her birthday….again, probably not.

I’m whining on my web site, sorry. I have to keep in mind that my family is happy and healthy. Over and over, I have to keep that in mind.

In the mean time, my wheels lay barren since I have a LOT of work literally just lying around. Things are starting to get into motion again, but at what cost? I’m seriously rethinking about outside shows and/or shows altogether. My little group of friends that participate in the Joplin Empire Market as the Market Artisans are doing surprisingly well despite this crap. One person who does most anything from paper to fiber arts has been making dog treats and I have gone into my yard and created some pretty bouquets of flowers along with selling various cuttings of my ever abundant plants. Flowers and plants make me really happy, so that’s a good thing, sharing the things I love.

I’m still creating just in different ways like the watercolors that I posted last time or the totes with the vintage accents. Heck, I’ve even sewn up three batches of simple fabric masks, some of which I give away. Now, another friend from the Market Artisans has taught me how to make leather wrap bracelets….another diversion. Maybe I’ll ad pictures of those creations at a later date.

In the meantime, I’m going to stay healthy and happy, damn it!!

Covid 19 distractions

So besides throwing, I’ve been developing a line of cards in a bigger size, 5×7, instead of the announcement size previously used which is nice since not only do I have more area, I get to paint portrait as opposed to landscape. It’s been fun, but pottery is still my first love!!

Mishima in a New Direction!

My schedule for 2019

I tend to neglect informing people of my where abouts.  I guess it’s that independent nature that has been instilled in me just dealing with the challenges of life. So I’m going to make a list of up coming events that I plan to participate. Believe it or not, I’m trying to cut down…getting too old for these outside shows.

June 1&2 – Mulvane Art Show – Washburn campus, Topeka KS

June 15th – Summer Solstice –  Springfield, MO

June 29th – Art by the Spring – April Davis, Joplin, MO (south of Joplin, north of Neosho)

July – time off….too hot anyway

August  9th &10th – Women’s World – Branson, MO, I’ll be with Kristin Girard, Brenda Hayes and Dianne Miller….we are the Market Artisans for Empire Market

September 14th – Art in the Yard – Bobbi Kemna’ place, Ft Scott, KS

September 20th & 21st – Art Fest – Joplin, MO

November 1st and 2nd – JRAC (Joplin Regional Artists Coalition) First Annual Studio Tour (of which I’m the head of the founding committee to organize this event).

These are in addition to working my shift at the Empire Market and what ever workshops that I plan to do.

 Let’s just say that I’m really looking forward to July when I’ll visit my  youngest daughter and her “puppy” in Atlanta with my “baby” Lucy, my St Bernard.  Oh the puppy is a German Shepherd who will be 8 months old by then.  We will also go visit Max’s brother Duke during that time.  Then toward the end of the month, I’ll go visit my oldest in London with a side trip to Menorca.  Oh my gosh, I can’t wait!!

New Endeavors

Truly, where does the time go?

And as if I don’t have enough to do, I’ve added a couple new endeavors to the mix!! In April, I was asked to join a group of four friends (with myself we are five) to create an artist group for Joplin’s new Empire Market.  It’s basically a farmers market with lots of add on vendors. Our group, The Market Artisans, consist of Dianne Miller-our leader and glass artist, Kristin Girard-our jewelry artist, Barb Dedrickson-pine needle basket weaver and gourd artist, Brenda Hayes-fiber artist (but she doesn’t stop with fibers), and me!

That started April 28th. It’s every Saturday from 10-3. We alternate who sits in the booth so we aren’t wearing ourselves out by being there every single Saturday. And that means we don’t necessarily even have to be there!! And I feel like it takes some of the pressure off, that I can try simple things for a clientele that likes fresh produce! I’ve been making things like planted pots with hangers..yes, I dug out my macrame books from the ‘70s!! Birdhouses are fun to do and I have workshops about those! And I cannot say enough good things about my colleagues!! We are collaborating and always coming up with new ideas!!

And around that same time, I was also asked to join Local Color, an art gallery in the Griffin Building in Joplin. Along with a ton of inventory, I do work in the gallery and just this week started having workshops there as well as Artforms.

It’s kind of strange not having tubs of work sitting around but it’s better to have it out where people can buy it as opposed to being in my garage!!!

Here are a few pics of my class from last night.

And in addition to all that, I’m the featured artist at Artforms. Just a two week gig. Basically, I got to dress up their window, but it will be up during the Art Walk.

so I guess you understand where my time goes!!

It’s fall, time to raku!

It seems like the falling leaves set the mood to raku.  Something about the crispness in the air just makes it right to see flames and the beauty that it can make.  I believe that this is the first time ever that I didn’t have any type of breakage what so ever…like I said, a first.  I even tried my hand at some Ferric Chloride…see if you can tell which is which.

Chihuly and more…

You just never know where your inspirations will come from!  It’s always good to check out other mediums!

And the most current firing…

So June was a slow pottery month.  Some issues came up that just stopped me in my tracks as far as pottery goes.  The good thing was a visit to California to visit family and just do a little relaxing.  But I’m getting back to it.  Look forward to more workshops results.  I’ve found that I can explore new avenues by helping others venture into the world of clay.  Of course, I’ll always go back to my beloved porcelain, but every once in a while it’s fun to just experiment with techniques and forms. 

For now enjoy what is here…the fairy houses and the salt and pepper shakers are a result of workshops.  The rest is my usual!